“It's another sort of Big Mac Attack worth savoring.”
- Mike Duffy, Detroit Free Press

“...watched it, it's great.”
- Michael Moore, Filmmaker

“Your uncanny knack for making our state and its history
interesting, personal and amusing is a great gift.”
- Robert J. Scott, VP of Programming, WTVS-TV, Detroit

“enjoyed watching it...a fine documentary.”
- Bob Talbert, Detroit Free Press

“Thank you very much for the splendid documentary on building of the
Mackinac Bridge. You've done a wonderful job in restoring the old film
footage, and weaving it together to make a great narrative. Viewing the
video I felt moved by seeing and hearing my father after all these years,
and getting a new awareness of the heroic work that goes into creating a
great bridge.” - John F. Steinman, M.D.
(son of Dr. David B Steinman, Architect of the Mackinac Bridge)

“It's an entertaining hour of viewing, and will be interesting to all ages.”
- Lifeline Magazine

“The extensive research on which it is built make the film interesting
and compelling to Great Lakes enthusiasts. This strength is enhanced
by Howell's ardent enthusiasm...”
- Jacquie Justice, Great Lakes Literary Journal

“A beautiful piece of work.”
- Inland Seas Magazine (Great Lakes Historical Society)