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Upcoming 60th Anniversary!!  2 DVD Box Set including Building the Mighty Mac and Before the Bridge - Documentary Films.

For the 2017 season, the set comes in cases of 24 for $240.00 with Free Shipping.


Mighty Mac Films Produces and Distributes a 2 DVD Box Set Edition of the Documentary DVDs:

Willem van Reesema is so proud of the Mackinac Bridge and the heritage it provides the State of Michigan and its residents, he decided to purchase the rights to the documentary films and then proceeded to invest and update them to DVD format with new retail ready packaging.  The documentary films fly off the retail shelves during the summer season in the Straights Area of Michigan.

In addition, the majority of the libraries in Michigan carry the DVDs.  Our proud heritage is available for all to be inspired and to do great things.


In only 42 months, engineers, politicians, architects, foundation workers and iron workers were able to construct the "bridge that couldn't be built" across the straits of Mackinac, spanning 5 miles of some of the most treacherous waters in the world. Filmmaker-Producer Mark Howell takes you back to the 1950's and presents in living color the story of how the Mackinac Bridge became a reality, and one of Michigan's greatest icons. This documentary includes extremely rare archival 16 mm color footage and audio recordings of Dr. Steinman (Designer of the Mackinac Bridge) and other key individuals who played important roles in the building of the bridge. The program is both fun and educational for all ages. For more information, please contact Mighty Mac Films through our web site,

The 2 DVD Box Set Edition includes DVD #1: Building the Mighty Mac.  The history of building the Mackinac Bridge, 50th Anniversary Edition, plus two bonus digitally restored documentary films, Miracle Bridge Over Mackinac, and, Mackinac Bridge Diary.  3 Documentary Films on one DVD.  Length 115 Minutes

and DVD #2: Before the Bridge.  The history of the Mackinac Straits Ferries.  Former Attorney General Frank Kelly is great in the Before the Bridge Video narrating his experience as a young man working on the Ferries. Kids and adults love hearing him talk. It is a great DVD leading up to the Building the Mighty Mac. The two go together very well.

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